1 June 2008

What time is it?

PhotobucketPrayer is so simple there are no strict rules attached, all that is required is an open heart of faith, believing that when you pray God hears, talk to God daily, as you wait for the bus, as you sit in your desk, for me I find myself saying things like… thank you lord, you are good lord… O, I love you lord…. Help me lord…. While it is important to have a quiet place of retreat where we can be alone with him, talking with him regularly during our daily task, it helps builds up the anticipation when we are alone with God….. so Straight from my heart is the piece As we embark on 30 day journey encouraging you to talk to God any and every time.
Work, sleep, walk run,
Do all you can, but lay down your hurry,
Take up his hands for to thee it is lend
Seek him now, for it is time.
Tend your field: your job, family, issues,
But nay, not this time,
For now we sow in order to reap bountifully,
Basketfuls of grace, mercy and righteousness from his hand
For it is time to seek the Lord, time to lay hold and take hold
Of the abundance prepared for us before the beginning of ages.


On A Journey

We embark on a journey
Taking tools needed for daily living
We are prepared
We are ready to take off and lay off
But ready or not we are on a roll
To a place that is not seen in the natural
Yet grasped in the spiritual
We wait for no one,
But the one on whose arms we lean
Ready or not we embark-
To lay hold and take on
That which is long envisioned and seen
In the realm of the supernatural

All rights reserve © Deboo June 2008

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