29 April 2008

What's your life worth?

I am not a preacher but I just feel the need to write this:

In Acts 20:22-25 we see Paul going to Jerusalem.
The Holy Spirit had warned him that he faces prison and hardship: but still he was not moved, you see a greater force was pulling him,
that of reaching the unsaved for Christ!
How daring, he considered his life of no worth, imagine the audacity of the man, his worth to him was doing what he has been called to do.
This passage
struck me, although the Holy Spirit knew what Paul will face on his trip, God did not avert the danger, but rather he allowed Paul to continue.
God who has all power to do anything, didn’t stop the danger, he only warned Paul! I would have expected the Holy Spirit to go ahead of Paul,
made every crooked way straight and pave the way for the gospel to be preached after all he is going on his father’s mission to win more souls for the kingdom!
This got me thinking: God will allow things to take their natural cause, perhaps God wanted the rest of the people to see what selfless service is, he wanted a lesson to be sent out to the congregation that even though he can save us and deliver us from the evil that abounds, he also wants to bring something more out of us, what true worship is.
Perhaps, he wanted to see what Paul would do having warned him, would he back off given the threat? Or would he continue
. Thank God Paul continued!

What’s your life worth for him? What would you do for him if you knew you’ll be killed in the process? Will you draw back or would the urgency of kingdom duty be a greater lure….. Would you go regardless or would you pray and ask for a thousand angels to be dispatched to protect you? Would you still go if after praying the answer is “danger still abounds”. What would you do! Would you think itwas made known so you won’t go or would you say I’ll go regardless? Would you walk the same, talk the same and act the same? What’s your life worth? What have you done for him lately that reflects selfless service?

A fire that burns, deep within,
Consuming my bones,
It leaves me restless.
It’s a desire for souls,
A passion for the loss,
To share the story of love that embraces all,
Both sinners and saints.

© Deboo April 2008.
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