21 December 2015

A Christmas Promise

A child was born and the world has never been the same. Babies are good news, they bring joy, happiness and hope into the world, babies also unify the family and signify new beginnings.
I have a few friends whose babies are due anytime soon, they are both excited and anxious. This wonderful gift of life brings so much joy. 

So it was on the night that Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph travelled miles, as they did, the anxiety of what was to come increased. Mary was with child, the Holy One, the angel had said. I am sure they were anxious to find out what he looked like.  Being told that there's no room at the inn.... was not what they expected, no room for the son of God? Surely the angel should have gone ahead and warned the inn keeper to expect them, a special child to be born in a stable where the animals lay? Isn’t one’s idea of how the son of God should begin his early days. 
It is somewhat compared to current day's labour ward, where mothers are turned away as a result of overcrowding. The shock, the pain and the confusion can result in unwanted complications, hence the anxiety. 
So being turned away is not good news for any parent to be. 
Mary and Joseph made on time to the stable where the Lord was born. Having welcomed the baby Jesus into the world, they received news that he was wanted dead.... His arrival was a threat to Harold. 

This Baby somehow made it to adulthood without being killed, but only just.
The promise of this baby was not just for him to be born, heal a few and help a few.
His birth was one that changed the course of human race for eternity and is
still changing lives.

Today, thousands of years after his birth, death and resurrection, he still brings hope, peace, love and freedom to all who welcome him into their lives.
Though He was eventually killed, years after the threat hung over his head, the grave could not hold him.

Even so, today his promise will be fulfilled in your life... Nothing can stop his promise of peace and freedom in your life.

You may be going through a tough time right now, wondering if that dream was really of God, you may even have had a supernatural visitation from God, regarding his promise to you, but now you are left perplexed as every inn seems full and favour seems to have frizzle out. You wonder, if this dream is of God, surely he should have made the way straight and smooth.

There was no space in the inn for the birth of The Holy One, yet that did not stop him from fulfilling God’s desires. God will fulfil his promises regardless of any set back. His promise doesn’t come wrapped in fine gift papers and sparkling silver roses, but they are sure. 
So do not look on the temporal situation, hang your hopes on the unfailing word of the master. He goes before us and makes our way prosper.

A baby brought hope and joy to the world, that baby is Jesus, no longer a baby but the King of kings and Lord of lords, the ruler of the ends of the earth, the ancient of days, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the one who turns water to wine and rolls away the stone from Lazarus’s grave. Christmas time reminds us of God who came in human flesh to personally bring us back to Himself… do not let your circumstances fill you with dread, rather let the peace of Christ’s birth fill you with hope, faith and Peace because he truly brings Joy to the world. 

Merry Christmas.

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