30 December 2015

A New View

If someone ask you what your view for 2016 is, what will your answer be? 

Have you actually thought of that question? Have you asked yourself? 
Ok, so you are not in 2016 yet, but you do plan on seeing it and living it, it does make sense to have a view about how you want 2016 to be. 

Start with a view of God, maybe your view of Him as changed due to the fact that you are still fighting the same battles and dealing with the same issues, maybe your situation became worse despite your cries to Him for help. 
Has that diminished your view of Him? Maybe you have become indifferent and no longer see him as loving and kind. 

Get an image of God, a father who is passionate about you and the issues you face. 

As you begin a brand new year, encourage yourself to make changes to your view. Study His word and get an accurate picture of Him. God loves, God Cares, God Gives, God Nourishes, God Comforts and Restores. 

Do not let your issues cloud your view on who he really His, because He really does love and cares about you.... 
He loves you with an everlasting love... More than you will ever know.. 

Look ahead and dream anew, hope anew and work anew. 
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