31 December 2015

New Reslove

Do not begin the year with the same old habit, dreams and wishes.
I believe the reason we are given News, whether that be weeks, months and years is for us to start over, 
To replace old habits with new ones, 
To improve on past performances, 
To Dare to succeed in new ventures, 
To desire to be better human beings,
To aspire to new heights 
To gain new territories 
To master new skills
And to attempt new feats
To make new friends 
And to rebuild and mend broken relationships worth fixing
To resolve to dream big,
To venture to take risk and to renew your faith where it faltered 

To leap without fear of failing 
To venture knowing that no venture, no gain

To put the past behind and embrace newness with hope
To look behind without regrets and look ahead with boldness of mind

A new year to see yourself achieving and succeeding at becoming all you are born to be, and attaining heights previously dreamt of. 

Let This be the year you dive deeper with God. Commit to reading God's word more than ever before. 

Let Him be your daily guide, your compass for 2016, the instruction manual for each endeavour. 

What's it going to be this year? 

A new you with determination and zeal 
Or same old same old
The choice is yours 

Happy New Year 

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