22 June 2008

Giving my best.

It’s human to become weary at any given task, when it appears that we are not being appreciated. It is natural to just do the lease we can do and say, that’s it, no one really cares.
You see, no one ever achieved greatness, without giving and putting in that little bit extra and working at the assigned task until a perfect work is produced.

Rewards and praise are necessary ingredients to accomplish any task, but sometimes we may not receive them, so what do you do? Give up or do a really bad job? Our work is our signature, whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well. Why waste time doing a less than perfect job, if anything, its better not to start at all.
So straight from my heart is this pledge
I’ve made…. To do my very best, for nothing less will ever do.
I’ll do my best at every task,
Nothing less will ever do
I’ll try my hardest at every job,
Nothing less will ever do
I’ll say my best, when asked,
Nothing less will ever do
I’ll pray my best, when called to
Nothing less will ever do
I’ll think my best out of every situation
Nothing less will every do
I’ll give my best at every call
Nothing less will ever do
And when my very best is given
I’ll rest assured that nothing else is
Left to do,
And I’ll hold my head up high
And live the rest to God.

© Deboo June 2008.

Pictures by "photo bucket"
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