5 June 2008

Embrace Me


It is true that what goes around comes around; if you want love show love, if you want peace, try to pursue peace at every opportunity, if you can’t pick up your phone and call close friends and family, don’t’ expect the same. People want other’s to treat them, right, but not returning the same.

I wish life was that simple, what we expect to see around us, we have to be. People are more suspicious of others, we don’t pop in to chat with the neighbours, we keep to ourselves, we are fearful, I know evil abounds all around us, but if we truly seek to find good in others by our kind deeds and thoughtfulness, we will in turn be treated in like manner, making the world a much better place.

You all know the saying, be the change you want to see around you…..
So straight from my heart is this piece hoping that will we embrace each other with genuine tots of love and acts of kindness….

Embrace me with a smile
Not with stare of scorn and pity
For in your smile
I feel a fire of love
And peace divine

Embrace me with touch of warmth
Not with cruel hands of strife
For the warmth of it will bring calm and
Drive away all fear

Embrace me with words of wisdom
Not of vile remarks or phase
Your words will make easier
A heart in need of comfort.

Embrace me with your love
For in it I find my place
Of rest, secured in your embrace
I can truly embrace others

© Deboo June 2008

Pictures by "Photobucket"
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