17 June 2008

Fear Not

A gripe like steel, hard,
It cuts through the skin
Death leaves in its trail
A blaze of sadness,
Weeping and wailing.
And much more that crying
In its hold is the power of fear
That clasps tightly around
Those who are left behind…

What do you feel when you think of death? Do you feel dread? Are you scared, or do you wonder what’s next after death.

A friend of mine, recently loss the husband of just one year. They didn’t see it coming, it just happened, people feel that there must be a reason for someone’s death. Hence questions like the following are asked:

“What killed him?”
“Was he sick?”
“Was it an accident?”
“Was he/she old?”

These are valid questions, I have asked them too, but recently I’ve come to know that people just die, strange, sad or surprising as it may seem, it happens. I have come to know that. Those in the medical profession often see these things and speaking to them reinforces this fact.

We often attribute death to reasons we think are valid, maybe to make us feel better, sometimes it befits the lord to allow death for no reason, “how can you say that?” Some may think, well I don’t know, but for me that’s the most plausible reason why one will die for no reason at all, especially one as young as my friends husband, and who knows God, if God did not allow it, who did? Is it the devil? Why didn’t God stop him? It’s not that simply, I know, but would nwoing make the loss any easier to bear?

My sincere wishes go out to my friend. I pray that in the mist of the questions, the whys and cries, that the great comforter will comfort her in the way he knows best.
I pray that fear will have no place in her, I pray for strength and peace and that in time God will make known why this happened.

For those of us who morn with her, we too should be encouraged and as children of God, not be afraid of death, because it is the certain end of everyone who is alive, if Jesus tarries. And we have a hope that is sure and secured on the steadfastness of our lord, so in dying, we relocate to a better place, let this thought fill you with peace not fear

So straight from my heart…. Is this piece to encourage anyone who feels fear… to know that “God only, is to be feared” for he has the power to cause death and to bring alive.

Morn no more for the dead,
Weep no more for him who is gone
But rejoice that his departure from earth’s filthy realm
Is an arrival on heaven’s shores of peace.

See through your tears,
Set your imagination free
Let it roam freely and know
That the departed is received
With rapturous welcome at his
Entrance to the parley gates.

So you are left behind.
Fear not death, for it has no power
But fear Him who has the power to
Both cause to die and to bring back to life
Let Him be your dread,
Let Him be your peace,
Let Him be your hope.
For the fear of Him
Brings wisdom and understanding,
When faced with the certainty of death.

© Deboo June 2008.
Pictures by "photobucket"
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