30 June 2008

And Then I prayed.

And then I prayed, and spoke to my father in heaven, I asked him for things for me, for desires to be met and dreams to be fulfilled.

I talked to him about my future and the fears I had.
I spoke to him about my past and the mistakes I made.
I spoke to him about my present and the struggles to live as he pleases.
I spoke to him about his commands to treat others like myself,
I told him how hard it was.
I told him how much I wanted to speak my mind to those who have cause me hurt and pain.
I talked and talked and talked,
I told him of how worried I am that I don’t feel wanted, loved, or cared for or noticed by friends.
I told him I struggle to understand his purpose in my pain, and how hard it is to see his hand through it all.
I spoke to him about the world he created and how bad it’s become and how men are after their own ways.
I finished speaking and waited for him to speak back… He did…..

He told me of his awesomeness, of his intricate ways, how he alone fashioned the whole earth and everything in it, how nothing goes unnoticed, that the hair on my head are numbered and not one falls without him noticing.

he told me of his grace and mercy that was given when I became his child, that has kept me through the tough and rough times of my life.
He told me of his unconditional love for me, that nothing I do or don’t do will make him change is mind about me.
He didn’t only speak, he showed me the wonders in his creature, the wisdom he gave man to craft things,

The makings of the coral reef.
The small details of the ant he knows,
The magnificence of the Elephant displaying his might,
The beauty of the peacock speaks of his glory,
The strength of the lion displaying his fearsomeness.
He show me his splendour displayed in the skies,
The star that shines at night, of pure white, securely held by his word,
He show me the glory of the sun radiating in beauty too wonderful to behold….. But yet so beautiful its arrival leaves a yearning for more.

And then he said my child, I did all these.....I am aware of your fears and worries, and in time I’ll make all things beautifUL…. And your troubles will become trophies, a reminder of how you overcame…., be still, rest assured, that I’ve got it all worked out.

© Deboo June 2008.
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