21 March 2016

A Big Stone Problem.

My girls like picking up all sorts of strange things when we go out walking. Weeds which they call flowers, stones, papers, unusual items etc.
Recently, we went out walking and came to a construction site, by the side of the road was a stone, they took turns trying to lift it, but couldn't.

‘mummy you try’, they chorused.
I picked it up easily to their delight.
“Mummy's got powers”, they screamed excitedly.

It was a little stone to me but a big one to them.
The problems we often face appear immovable and enormous like stones we can’t shift or lift.

Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of Jesus and Salome had a big stone problem. On the 3rd day of Jesus's death, they brought spices to anoint his body, on their way to the tomb they wondered amongst themselves: 'Who shall roll away the stone', it was very great.

As they made their way to the tomb, it suddenly dawned on them, that none of them can roll the stone away. They have to anoint his body, now a stone STOOD in their way. Perhaps they considered who amongst Jesus's friends to ask for help.

Peter? 'No, he's no good, have you seen the state of him since the master was killed?' Guilt has eaten him up.
Andrew? And one by one they eliminated the disciples. I am sure they considered going back, they must have, they had no tools, no help, and a big stone.
Should we go back? Let's just continue, “we have come too far to turn back now”.

The question remains "Who will roll away the stone"?

Maybe it was Mary the mother of Jesus who insisted on carrying on, maybe something Jesus told her kept her going? Maybe she just wanted to see her dear son.

Imagine their reaction when they got to the tomb to find that their problem had gone, “the stone has been rolled away”. Surprised, shocked, worry, fear, all kinds of emotions must have coursed through them.
Who will roll away the stone?
Became, who rolled the stone away?
What happened to him? Has someone taken him?

Now imagine their joy when they learn that he's risen, the stone was rolled away by his mighty power, and he's alive. Wow, not only was the stone rolled away, their greatest problem was solved, “Jesus is alive”.

You get to the end of yourself only to discover that his has taken care of it all.

No matter how big your stone, trust in the master who knows your end from the beginning.
What seems like a might problem to you is nothing to him, he will not only roll your stone away, he will bring you out ALIVE, unscathed, safe and secured.

Keep going, pin your hopes on him 
 He's got all power,
He will roll away every stone like problem
Dark clouds will roll away and your night will turn to day
Tears to Joy.
Hold out and he will bring out.

Happy Easter.

Bible Reading: Mark 16.
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