22 March 2016

Who is God Now?

It is finish, He cried,

The soldiers were stunned

What is he talking about, they asked?

He must be suffering from the pain of the beatings he had received

Some laughed at him for crying out loud,

God crying, save yourself they chorused

Others pitied Him

held him in scorn

stones petted his body

he hung his head and took one last breath,

O, the roar from the soldiers

We got him they cheered

God, hung dead

Who is God now? They mocked.

They didn't laugh long

Because, three days later,

They received word that His Tomb is empty.


It can't be, He was finished!!!!

He is dead, we saw him die,

we brought him down.

No my friend, he's risen, angels announced it

he appeared to his friends

and they are all excited again

Because, dead was swallowed up in victory

His dead was the release he sought for sinners

condemned to die

He died and completed His assignment here on earth,

Death is finished

Pain is vanquished

Sorrow removed

Sin defeated

Sickness is finished

Just because he died,

His death and resurrection

Secured a life of fullness for all mankind.

It is Finished.
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