10 March 2016

You Are Awesome!!!

I like that every day of the week is
dedicated to something, who would have though there's such a thing as international day of awesomeness? 
Well, today is that day.

So be ridiculously awesome today. 
You are amazing in every way, created for purpose, 
Designed for greatness
Crafted with the finest pieces of human  parts there was. 
Your creator knew you before you were born and he knew that you will be here today to release the fragrance of greatness he's put inside of you

You alone have the power to release that greatness. 

You may have allowed it to remain dormant within you, as you toil on other pressing issues demanding your attention. 
Your greatness awaits nonetheless, silently watching, pleading and begging to be released. 
Utilise the power of self will and discover how awesome you truly can be if you just let the it's flower bloom.

You may have operated in greatness once but situations tamed you, and connived to stop you. 
These situations are the companions called test sent to strengthen us. 
Rise again, stand up again, look up, you are born to be awesome to be bigger than your problems. 

So today, release the beauty and sweetest aroma of awesomeness which you have because some one is waiting to be touched by you.
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