26 March 2016

I Am Adopted.

Yes you heard that right. I didn't know this until a few years ago. I certainly didn't know what it felt like to be adopted as part of a big family, because I was always treated the same as the first born. 

One of my best friends recently adopted a child, prior to the adoption being finalised, the anticipation was at peak levels. It took years of meetings, paperwork, meeting other kids to finally decide to adopt this beautiful child. 
Finally, the day came and their child came to stay with them. 
A new chapter began in their lives. Not only was she given a new home, She was given a new identify, new hope,  new future and a new inheritance. She's treated the same as the first born. A big brother who adores her. 
This was what I found, about my adoption. 
I was chosen before the foundations of the earth. In Christ, he saw me and set me apart for himself. So, when I accepted him as saviour, I stepped into my position as a daughter. "Adopted daughter".

I was given a new home, a new name, a new heart, a change of identity and a new inheritance. 
Just like  my friend's adopted child. I shared everything equally with the first born "Jesus". I was treated the same. Adore by my big "brother", protected, shielded, and loved. 

This adoption was made possible by His death, he signed the paperwork with his blood. His meeting place was hell, where he met with my old keeper to secure my son ship. 
His death was the passage through which I secured my inheritance, I am able to cry Aba father, because he died and rose again. 

My adoption guarantees life, wealth, safety, hope, peace, love, joy, relationship
And a place in heaven. 

I see the special relationship my friend has with her daughter, the joy, this has brought. This makes me know what joy I bring my father. 

You too are adopted, step into your position as a sons and daughters, you are joint heirs with Christ because he secured your position to your inheritance by blood. 
The next time you see an adopted child, smile, because you are one. 

Happy Easter. 
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