7 March 2016

I Blew My Top Off: and stopped worrying.

Today was not meant to go the way it did, let me rephrase this morning was not meant to go the
way it did. I woke up not feeling high, no not high on any substance, I am usually in a good mood, singing and humming, Declaring into my day and all that. But not today. I just couldn't get going, well I did get going when I heard this news.

I blew my top off because I came out of the house to see a big crack on my windscreen.

I was not a happy bunny. Immediately I imagined a 1000 scenarios of how it could have happened. Did someone throw a brick and I didn’t notice, was it a malicious act? Etc. the conspiracy theory continued in my head. From there I moved on to the cost of fixing it up, and worried some more about that.

Finally, I had to stop. I was working myself into a fit. I had to stop. It’s only a screen I said out loud during one of my intense analysis.

The minute I did that I was able to see clearly what I can do, I immediately located my insurance documents, checked them to see if the repairs will be covered by them. Once this was confirmed

Then I contacted the workshop, and arranged for it to be replaced.

The moment I stopped I was able to think clearly and stopped worrying. Worry is a choice; it can be active or passive. So how do you deal with or stop yourself from worrying.

Here are my top 8 ways of dealing with Worrying thoughts.

1.                  Speak out loud: Worry often happens internally; we internalize our situation to the point of developing a headache. I have learnt to speak out loud whatever issues or situation causing me to worry. The sound of my voice, speaking out that issue shifts my focus from the internal to the external. It is just as if I have told someone those problems and the problem have become theirs. This helps me really analyse the situation from a 3rd person point of view.

2.                Pray: This is closely related to speaking it out loud: In praying we give our problems over to God, he provides wisdom to deal with the issue and peace to live it in his hands

3.              Detach yourself; Speaking the problem out loud enables you to detach yourself from the situation. Being detach, you are able to analyse the situation from the outside. You can provide useful advice on how to deal with that issue as if you were talking to a friend.

4.                Focus on the solution. Being detach enables your mind to focus on several solutions, because you are no longer emotionally involved, the thought process is clear enough to provide alternatives to the problem.  The moment I stopped worrying I was able to see clearly a solution, “my insurance”. The time spent worrying was wasted.

5.                Take action: it would have been a total waste of my time to locate the insurance papers and do nothing about it. Once you have identified the solution, take action. Action will lead to results. Results ends worry. The moment I discovered it was covered by my insurance, I contacted the glass repair expert. I took action.

6.                Take a deep Breath. Yes, it’s that simple, often we are tense and really worked up. Taking a deep breath will loosen any tight muscles around the shoulders. Taking a deep breath may involve a 3 minutes breathing exercise which will help you refocus our mind

I do not take for granted that some of you may be going through some life threatening issues, you may feel that employing these steps does not apply to your particular situation.
My encouragement to you is to try them and see if there is any change in how you feel. 
find yourself fretting over any aspect of your life:

·         Speak out Loud (SOL)

·         Pray

·         Detach yourself

·         Focus on the solution

·         Take action

·         Take a deep breath.

Take these steps every time you find yourself engrossed in worrying thoughts and you will be amazed at how quickly your mental state will change from one of complete and utter confusion to being focused.

Please share with us steps you have taken to deal with worrying thoughts.
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