22 April 2008

Earth's Day

PhotobucketToday is earth's day and this got me thinking about the wonders of God’s creation:

We see it in the trees.
In the leaves, that blooms at spring
We see it in the glory of his creature,
Great and small
Too numerous to count
In the vastness of the sea,
Wherein contained his works
Awesome in beauty

We behold it in the wind
Of power, showcasing the maker’s might
The earth abounds with the signature of a
Master builder:

The earth, man’s domain
To tender and keep…..
To discover and use
Of resources deposited
To meet every need

O how wonderful is the work
Of the creator,
Both seen and unseen
The greatness of the waves
The towering might of the mountains
The splendour of grass spread out in the field…..
The comforting sight of the rainbow
The indescribable beauty of love
These and more declares the
Glory of the maker!

All rights reserve....
© Deboo April 2008.

pictures by "photobucket"
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