13 April 2008

On This Day in History!

PhotobucketSomeone ask why do you celebrate?
I reply Why not?
I am reminded of that song…… I sing because I’m happy. I celebrate because I’m happy, and happy people make other people happy. Right?
I also celebrate because I will never pass this way again! Think about that. I will never be this age again! So why not milk the situation. Have a reason to just have fun.
We have 365 days in a year and in one of those days I was born! It was about ME a long time ago.
You where birthed, chances are people celebrated your arrival, congratulated your parents, and gave gifts, people where happy to see you born. Hmm! now, if you can’t be happy to know you where born and loved? I hope. Who will? I celebrate regardless of who join in or who remembers, or what gifts I receive. I do something for MEE. I enjoy the day. I don’t work. I just pamper myself because that day is about me! The only day I am allowed to be selfish! Hmm.... Some people panic, some are sad as getting older reminds them of all they’ve failed to achieve, some just don’t see the point, for me there is every point. I am alive and well, have wonderful friends and family. Just being alive to see this day is a Joy!.... so straight from my heart is this piece hoping you too will celebrate your birthday in whatever way you choose, knowing that in one day in history you were born.

I was birthed, wrapped up in pure wool,
In a hot, breezy day,
An announcement was made,
A child is born,
A girl it was told!

Then the celebration began
Of guest bearing gifts
Coming to see… the little child she was
To celebrate another arrival of many
But on this day an arrival of one! To one family

In the house of birth there was Joy!
Of families rejoicing in the hope
That a little girl will grow and become a woman!
She was showered and drizzled with
Dazzling gifts of all sizes and shapes
Arrayed in the finest of fabric
For she was a child born
On this day in history!

© Deboo April 2008.
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