11 April 2008


As my birthday approaches, I am tempted to look back and see unaccomplished goals or unfulfilled dreams. Some people are at a place in their lives where they don’t want to be, either because they imagined they should have gone past where they are right now, or haven’t yet arrived at their desired location.

Others have arrived, but are still dissatisfied. Having attained, they now have a new drive and zeal to reach for more.

So where do you fine yourself? Are you one of those who have arrived? Or one who looks at his/her current position and become sad, weary and disappointed.

It is natural to have dreams and desires and become despondent when those are not being met. But regardless of your current location, look within and around, you’ve moved up a notch? Just look. No one who stays long in a place remain the same, regardless of how small, you may have unknowingly made a change. Just look around, within and without and you’ll be amazed at what you’ve achieved. So as I celebrate my birthday, I got thinking and I can’t help but applaud myself because I have move up a notch, there were somethings I attempted regardless of the fears I had, and look I am here…. enjoying another year …. Goals attained?
Certainly, so straight from my heart….. enjoy.

As wheels on a theme park,

Thoughts played out on a merry go round

As a circus show on display

Desires laid bare for all to see

they remain unmet,

as imaginary scenes played out

In the heart recesses of accomplishment.

But with each scene, there is a movement

A change of position, though small

But yet defined and needed for

An attainment of purpose envisioned,

Which soon

Will bulb and bring forth

Hopes birthed in the dark

But flourished in the day

Unmasked, in goals attained.

© Deboo April 2008.
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