6 April 2008

The End?

Very recently it was reported by the National Audit office that marriage is in decline. The Sunday Times reported that the proportion of adults in England and Wales who choose to marry has fallen to the lowest rate since figures were first recorded in 1862.

Just fewer than 23 in every 1,000 unmarried men got married last year, the figure for women is fewer than 21. The figure also shows that 44% of babies are born out of marriage. UK as a whole is in marked decline, from a peak in 1972. As for staying married, the divorce rate for new couples is now about 45%. This is gloomy news! And it got me think..... Has the death been pronounced? Will a time come when cohabiting couples will outnumber married couples? I fear that this is already so........ what do you think? Do you think that generations to come will no longer see marriage as necessary? Please leave your thoughts at the end of this piece, by clicking comments..... let me know what you think.... straight from my heart I can't help thinking......

the death is pronounced on a cold hearted land
Society- for fear of reprieve have gone its own way
society torn apart by politicians at war
seeking to leave their name in sands....

O what death is this that I speak of?

a death of oneness in mind
of families leaving truly as one
of man and woman united in body and soul
Photobucketproclaiming through marriage their oneness in heart for ever!

It is a death of love...... or is it really?
For love too is now defined
By want of gain,
It is self seeking,
Exposing its lust in endless courts of law!

O! That children would know again the truth......
that love really seeks not its own
but labours on for the good in others
O! That there would be a resurrection
of cords of love, that truly binds,
that will survive the fights and struggles
in the house of marriage!

© Deboo April 2008

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