21 April 2008

A Pound Here, A Pound There

PhotobucketGosh! I am too fat, I’ve gained a pound over the weekend. I’m on a diet, which means that I can't eat certain food….. My desire is to gym thrice a week, but I’m too tired after work it’s just so hard…… sounds familiar? have you heard this saying "where two or three women are gathered, all they talk about is their weight". Most people I know have tried to loose weight, but to no avail, instead the pounds keep piling on. We all want to loose something, don’t we? Unless you are a perfect size zero! I know my desired ideal weight, just to be a little bit thinner than I am now! but O! It’s so hard. Not with a little bit of pop corn and chocolates along the way! But I am not giving up the fight, it’s a daily struggle to watch what I eat, yes not to abstain for abstinence leads to binge eating, so a decision I’ve made? Every little helps!

PhotobucketAn endless quest for perfection
My desired weight to achieve

Just to be a little bit thinner
Then content I would be

O! To lose "a pound here, a pound there"
What Joy then I’ll have,

To reach my perceive idea weight
Will be a dream fulfilled

Little wonder then, my dream at last I see
But only to think! "Alas I’m still too fat"….
What good then is my quest?
If am still not content?

A pound here a pound there
Surely, an obsessed desire.

And if truth be told
I need a little bit of help
Not of pain
But of life’s "sweet delights"!

© Deboo April 2008

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