21 February 2008

In The Stillness of The Night

This piece is to encourage you, if you are going through tough times right now, and it appears all hope is lost, look up, there is still hope. Don’t give up on your dreams, though long the night may seem, surely there will be a break of day.

Serenade yourself with thoughts of peace and assurance as you take one more step into your destiny, muster all the hope and courage you can and try again, for beyond in the distance lies your heart felt desires!

So straight from my heart, this is for everyone who feels that they can’t go on….. hush! For in the stillness of the night you will be stripped of all fears……,


The stillness of night,
Brings a hush to her heart

She hung her head in quite ponder at what the night holds
For her day has been endless toil

Wishing for stars she peeps out,
O what beauty
To behold the wonder spread across the skies
Shining brightly on her restless soul

In the still of the night she waits
Thinking, this could the moment longed for
When eyelids gives way to the lure of sleep

But No! She fears the unknown
Beyond and the grip of darkness!

But slowly the power of a restful sleep grips,
Overriding fears that binds!

Gently she awoke to the brightness of another day
Thoughts of the night griped her, fear assailed,
She smiled at the thought of the star a comforting sight,
That brought peace to her soul

Ah! Though the stars are gone,
A ray of hope lies in the distance She could smile---- for in the stillness of the night,
She was strip of all fears!


© Deboo February 2008
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