26 February 2008

Sweet taste of success


I recently received the results of an exam I sat for in December. I had forgotten all about it, and so didn’t realise they were out. For some strange reasons I suddenly remembered that I was still awaiting the results, Panic and fear gripped me. With heart racing and pulse pounding I raced downstairs, and with shaking hands, eyes closed I logged on to view the results. How strange you will say, “Logging on with eyes closed” trust me I did. I waited for a few seconds and slowly peeped at the screen and glaring at me was the word “PASS”. PhotobucketThat was all I needed, the fear was gone replaced by a feeling of satisfaction and real joy, but most of all I was relieved as it meant one step closer to my goal. This got me thinking about success, and the process leading up to it. Success is sweet once attained, but the road that leads up to it is littered with perspiration and palpitation.

PhotobucketIt is not hard work alone that produces result but persistent and dedication are key ingredients, staying the course and giving one’s best at each given task, will without fail yield an expected end.

So straight from my heart is this piece..... I hope you too will stay the course of whatever endeavour, adventure you are pursuing, because there is a possibility that a “pass” will leave the sweet taste of success in your mouth......

Sensational rhythms
Detailed steps
Upward ascension euphoria of happiness
Achievement attained is the reward for pain endured
Leaving behind the sweet taste of success

Measureless victories
Immeasurable success of nights of sweat and toil
Now turned into Joy,
Is the sweet taste of success

© Deboo February 2008

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