11 February 2008

Consuming Flame


A lot has been said about Valentine’s Day, some are of the opinion that it should be scraped, others think it has become commercialised, true..... I have read things like kill valentine’s, away with it and so on, but what is wrong about celebrating love? It may be true that Valentine’s Day and the period leading to it has been commercialised, but isn’t that the more reason we should honestly celebrate love?

I believe that Valentine’s Day and every day is an opportunity for us to reach out and show love to all around us, and to give selflessly.

Like an ornament of grace around my neck is your love to me
I drink from the streams of your love for it flows freely
I am immersed in the splendour of your beauty
My heart is stirred up at the mention of you
Come away with me my love to our secret rendezvous
Where we will lie and day dream all day
Come with me to the place were stolen waters are sweet and
Where kisses given in secret are pleasant
Lie upon my bosom and instruct me with the knowledge of your love
It'll be to me as choice silver and as pure gold
Let the flame of your love
Burn intensely consuming my every realm
Melting us into one
Reflecting and conforming to the image of ourselves

© Deboo Feb 2008
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