11 February 2008

It Was for me.


It was for me the journey began,
On a hollow night when the angel came and foretold of his birth.

Long ago it seems that a moment in time
has now become the story for all eternity.

It is the story of a mother’s pain,
Of desires birth, and of destiny fulfilled
of lives redeemed

Redeemed! Bought with a price of crimson red flow
Striped of pain past and future faults
It is for a sinner made pure,
That he was arrayed, tortured, beaten and hung

Judged by creature, created by him
But for whom he wore a garment stained by their deeds
And for whom a crown of thorns
Hung from his head and nails of sorrow pieced his hands

It was for me that the journey continues
At the dawn of day,
When the quaking began, shaking loose the chains that held the tomb shut
For alas! The deed is done
A price is paid, the verdict is returned
Death is swallowed up in victory!

It was for me, he died
and got up from the grave!

© Deboo Feb 2008

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