10 February 2008

I'll Bring You Roses

PhotobucketIt's certainly getting busier and busier as the much awaited valentine day approaches, the rush contiunes with buying of gifts, trying to go one better than last year...., sending and receiving flowers.... I love fresh flowers, I especially love arranging them in a beautiful vase in a coner of my home, it gives a refreshing welcome when I come home.

I read the other day that, the most popular flowers sent out at valentine are Roses.... florist are swamped with orders for roses of different colours and sizes.

Well, I've decided to send you, my valentine friend, a rose .Photobucket...... straight from my heart. Enjoy

A fine fragrance, of incense and spices
Of colours too intense to ignore
Too subtle to describe
Is the colour of the rose I’ll bring you

It springs forth with tones, but nay it unfolds with sweet smells of
Pure delight.
Of many colour on display
Is the rose I’ll bring you my friend.

I’ll bring you a rose when you are down
For its colours will brighten your day!

I’ll bring you a rose when you are lonely
For its fragrance will comfort you

I’ll bring you a rose in winter time
For its display will warm your heart

I’ll bring you a rose in summer time
For its glow will bring you peace

A rose is for every season
And regardless of its colour
I’ll bring you a rose my friend
In the colour of love!

© Deboo Feb 2008
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