17 March 2008

What love

Easter was a time in history that happened, a time a child was born, grew, became a man and was killed. Most if not all, know about this story but sadly very few know about this man. His name his "Jesus" and even though he died the death we should have died. He arose that through his resurrection we too will rise to a newness of live in him!

Thinking about this deed of love comes this piece straight from my heart!

What love is this, that a man would die on Calvary’s cross
laying aside heavenly robes for earthly rags
of scorn and shame, of ridicule and wrath!

O what love is this,
that one so pure and true
would lay aside his glory,
to walk earth's cruellest path.

Stories where told of his deeds of love,
for he left peace and hope in his trail.

Though often accused, yet always forgiving
his ways flawless,
his acts unrivalled
his nature like no other.

what love is this, that is
so giving and embracing
bringing life and love to all
what love is this!

© Deboo March 2008
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