27 March 2008

Where Art Thou O Spring!

If you have looked, hope and waited for spring and wondered when will spring, spring on us? You are not alone. I have waited, with eager anticipation for spring, for the long days and long nights. For light streaming through my windows at the dawn of day!
But spring is determined to make us wait. A white Easter? Yes, that’s what waiting for spring does…… it leaves us white as we shiver and await its arrival. As I left the house today, the weather was light, the sun was out and the air still. I couldn’t help thinking…..
Spring where art thou? With this comes this piece straight from my heart…… Enjoy!

Splash of drizzle
Drip of rain
The spread of haze on a dull grey sky
Mist of cold, as hue of wind wasps over the air
As the wait continues

Sun waits in the shadow as the
Search of spring lingers
Where art thou o spring?

Bring again the days of bright yellow daffodils
Of leaves sprouting from the branches
Of unhurried steps in the way.

Spring! Much anticipated,
As shops hope for the surge of happy shoppers
And shoppers wait for the spring of sales
Spring where art thou?
Wait no more
Spring forth speedily
For we eagerly anticipate your arrival!

© Deboo March 2008.
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