6 March 2008

A world waiting to be seen!

Lately, the news has been filled with tales of woe and sorrow, of abduction, rape, killing, wars and rumours of wars, bombing, you name it.
Mothers are afraid to let their kids walk to school or wander in the garden for fear of a prey lurking around, fear has griped our world!
Turn on the TV and you'll be greeted with news of yet another life sentence handed out to someone for taking a life….. Sadly, our world is getting worse.
Amidst the troubles we face, the fear and uncertainty, we can still salvage what’s left of our world, if you, me and all of us, truly work with one goal, to make the world a better place…
So, straight from my heart is this piece, as I long for a world waiting to be seen…….

A world full of emptiness, of vastness’ of space and time
Of a void waiting to be filled
Empty of purpose, of love, of the wealth of man’s knowledge
is a world waiting to be seen Photobucket
From nothing was it created, but became something that was nurtured and cultured
Tendered to with love and care
A world meant to be filled with the maker's Intent
Man to man, leaving peacefully.......
Tending our world, filling the nothingness that was, with something of worth…..
Sadly, this world has gone its own way,
Man to man, all out for a personal gain,
None willing to be spent, making something out of nothing.
Perhaps one day, the story will change
When another world we will see,
A world envisioned, here on earth,
But lived in eternity
Where the true intent of the maker
Will be fulfilled, at last!
I want to see that world, do you?

© Deboo March 2008

Quotes: funny how some people live like this is all there is to life…… Yet are afraid to die? Question, what do they fear?..... Deboo
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