2 March 2008

Appreciation for mother

Perfect Love - of a mother

slow to suspect - qick to trust
slow to condem- quick to justify
slow to offend- quick to defend
slow to expose- quick to shield
slow to reprimand -quick to forbear
slow to belittle-quick to appreciate
slow to demand - quick to give
slow to provoke-quick to conciliate
slow to hinder-quick to help
slow to resent-quick to forgive

Thinking of you

thinking of you today and missing you dearly,

but no matter how far apart we are,
My love for you will never dry.
Remembering you this day, for all that you have done, my heart feels so glad,
I have you as a mother.
Happy Mother's Day.

©Deboo March 2008

This and Every Day

A day set apart, celebrating the makings of you,
a day for appreciation, for all that emboides you,
and though this day will come and go,
my appreaciation for you will go on, this and every day I live.

I have walked highs and lows of life's rugged path
and weathered every storm, but with your loving arms embracing,
each trouble I've overcome,
thank you for being a true friend

my tower of strength and hope and a ray of sunlight too.
now on this and everyday I'll always celebrate you, mother.

Happy Mother's day

© Deboo March 2008
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