24 March 2008

A Symbol

Christ was lifted up at the cross
a symbol of hope and restoration.

The death he died, a transition to life-
Paving the way for life eternal

Christ arose from the dead
A symbol of possibilities and realities

His ascension an assurance to faithful followers
A symbol of burdens lifted up at Calvary.

All Rights Reserved © Deboo March 2008.

A love that surpasses the ocean
greater than the eyes can see
and mind can conceived
A love pure and true
deeper than the deepest seas
A love that does not wane or fade
not build on your merit
but on his mercy
given when not sort
freely available and bequeathed to all
A love that lifts up not put down
this is the love show on Calvary
this is truly an everlasting love.
All Rights Reserved © Deboo March 2008
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