13 March 2008

Another World

PhotobucketStill on the theme of “our world”, I want to introduce you to a world I desire to live in some day. I know it is not believed by many, but it does exist, because I personally do not believe that this is as good as it gets! There is something better, more beautiful and peaceful that our current world. So here’s my piece on "another world", straight from my heart.

A world not seen
But often talked about
Referred to in phrases

A world that signifies peace, abundance, love, serenity and fulfilment
Yet, claim by many to be none existent

A world beyond now, too wonderful to grasp
Too remote to fathom
Is a world called heaven

Its streets are paved with gold
Its light of glistering sliver, made so by the maker.

A world where no ill will dwells,
Where war ceases, sorrow lay bare and cares are vanquished

Some claim to live it here on earth….
Nay, not so! For earth is
Riddle with pain and injustice
Earth, few truly experience pure wealth and bliss.

But in this world I talk about
All who will live there will experience
Unexplained and uncontained joy, love and peace.
Its pleasures will be
Lived by all
Tasted by all
Enjoyed by all
This world, is not comparable to earth’s greatest and finite riches
In this world there will be, no dawning of day
For there will be no night there.

© Deboo March 2008.

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