1 March 2008

The Woman I love

She is a pillar of strengthPhotobucket
a tower of glory, never wavering always persisting.
She is the horn of her home
the rainbow in a cloudy sky the sweet fragrance of morning rain.
She is gracious and tenacious,
Never giving up on her own Always enduring, amidst perspiration
This is my mother
The woman I love

Amidst trials and tribulations She remains steadfast in encouragement
Her mind a well spring of wisdom, full of hope and belief
Though tempest rolls and thunder roars she endures them all
Her home a den of love and full of care, embracing all both strangers and foe
Even though her ways are sometimes firm
And her intend misunderstood
She is still my mother
The woman I love

And now as her years grow dim and limps grow frail
She is still a beckon of hope and faith, love and beauty
Made better and stronger by the years of toil
Her offspring a testimony of battle forth and won
For in them are the results of endless toil
Which now is sweet success
She is still gracious, still poised, still tenacious and firm
And though one day life’s curtain will draw close on her stay here on earth
She will remain my mother
The woman I love.
© Deboo February 2008

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